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About us

Hymid was established in 1989, when founder Mike Wilkins used his extensive industry knowledge and experience to offer a quality injection moulding service. In 2008, the engineering team were joined by Chairman Colin Spencer Halsey who brought considerable professional business acumen to the company and in 2013 Managing Director Tom McCurtie joined, bringing with him a healthy growth period and successful customer-based focus. We now have an ambitious, talented team to guide and implement projects through our office(?) in the South West.

The team at Hymid have many years experience in plastic moulding and mould tooling and will support you at the early product design stage to optimise your new moulded products through our detailed 'design for manufacture' analysis so you have an innovative, quality product to market.

Get in touch to discuss new or ongoing projects and let Hymid find the solution that fits your needs.

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